Alpha tests – #2

Last days we’ve managed to push a really huge update and decided to share it with you, guys, before the official report from battlefield in the next Devblog is posted. As the development goes smoothly and we already have some really great features to introduce this month, don’t forget to visit us often 🙂

Here’s the raw changelog from the 0.6.0alpha patch:

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.6.0 – Mon Jan 12, 2015

…and a few words to explain it better:

First of all, as you may have read, we’ve reworked the building system and made it more user friendly and easy to extend with future upgrades available to every piece of construction. You can now start building with the simplest wooden frames or floors and then, when you gather enough resources, add a window with a shutter, reinforce doors with bronze or steel, secure walls against trebuchets and much more.

Updated destruction system is the second biggest chunk of the new patch. From now on you can use trebuchets to literally change someone’s stronghold into picturesque skeleton or try a force entry not only through walls but roofs and floors as well. Destructible platforms can be also used as the last way of escape when an enemy is already at the stairs.

Another ‘visible’ update to Out of Reach are two new animals – already announced hippo and a crocodile. Both got their separate stats and behaviour. New fixes and patches to AI let us make use of swimming animals. It’s not safe anymore to go and have a dive, perhaps the time of water transportation is coming to the world of Out of Reach 😉 But this and other news will come together with the next devblogs. Hope you enjoyed the new screenshots and will visit our page, Facebook profile or Steam site soon!