Alpha tests – month #1

Hi guys!

We’ve already made it to the end of the first month of the official (but still not public) Alpha. Because of that we would like to share the progress with you and answer at the same time some of the most common questions that we receive.
First of all, you ask us often when we would start to run some kind of a devblog and inform you about our every move. As you see, this post has number #1 in the title which can suggest that we’ve just started:) In fact, we hope to post new content more often than once per month and divide it into few sections such as graphics, videos, changelogs and news.

First month of the Alpha…

…was really busy. As you may know, we have invited all of the top Backers to join us in the great search of bugs and new features. We’ve also had the first possibility to see how the servers work and what the real gamers can do on the first island. We were really happy to see that the cooperation and commitment led them to build lots of magnificent structures, gather tons of resources, make use of every workshop and then, by the end of a day, watch together how everything gets burned down;)


All of that involved hundreds of hours spent playing, hundreds of posts on the Alpha-testers forum with ideas and reports and many many fixes that we would like to group together and present you to see what we are working on right now:

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.4 – Mon Dec 01, 2014

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.5 – Wed Dec 03, 2014

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.6 – Sat Dec 06, 2014

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.7 – Fri Dec 12, 2014

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.8 – Sun Dec 14, 2014

Changelog – Out of Reach 0.5.9 – Tue Dec 23, 2014

For screenshots and other graphic materials please refer to the next upcoming updates where we will show what our testers are capable of!:)