EA-Blog #2: Patch 0.8.5 Game modes!


Not to keep you waiting till the next big update, we’ve decided to push some significant fixes already this morning. Here are the main changes made according to your feedback:

Is there an option to play PVE? Because i don’t like to play PVP

– Here you go!:

Game modes (experimental):

– Build Builder’s Desk and upgrade it to give your house 3-48h (depending on the Desk level) protection against raiders.
– Get Renegade status for killing non-Renegades or destroying other players’ properties
– Get Punisher status for killing Renegades

– Attacking other players or their houses is forbidden
– Builder’s Desk gets damaged after 5 days and needs to be repaired within 2 days or base loses its owner

PvP, Gathering x3
– Builder’s Desk gives only a few minutes of protection
– Gathering resources is significantly faster

Where is the Khuldas Server?

– Fixed problems causing servers to restart spontaneously (happened 2 times on Khuldas server)

Someone has made houses in the entrances of a cave so if you want to get in you have to become a renegade.

– Blocked possibility to build in front of the caves. Feel free to build inside (without Builder’s Desk though)

Larger Furnace Capacity for wood ( perhaps auto-load if wood is available in player inventory ?)

– Furnace will now burn for 3 minutes

Don’t eat the poppy,*****:
guys, why the low brightness after update i can`t see almost nothing even during the day?

– Migration back to Unity 5.0 to fix colorspace issues – we’ll wait until Unity 5.1. gets fixed

You Kissed a Boy and Liked It:
Where’s the character / avatar?

– First two basic tutorial pictures are available while playing – press Esc