EA-Blog #7: Steel gear and dozens of fixes

Hi guys!
it’s high time to sum up the last days of the development before changelogs reach more than 40 fixes and improvements:) To see the list of all the details please follow this link to the discussion section: http://steamcommunity.com/app/327090/discussions/0/517142253867738084/
or scroll down for the highlights:


Some of you may already know this one but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. The new armor is currently the most durable one on the archipelago, but also the heaviest. Works best in situations when resistance to damage is more important than speed of withdrawn. As shown below – comes in several levels:


Since many players were not satisfied with the durability of bronze doors, we’ve sped up the development of another tier of constructions. In this patch you get Stone jamb and Steel door to feel a bit safer out there.


We’ve also decided to let you catch a glimpse of mechanics so raiding and defending is easy to understand. Doors don’t have health points, they have a ‘chance to destroy’ and it looks like this:

Average amount of hits needed to destroy wooden/bronze/steel doors based on chance percentage:

– Chipped Stone 200/1400/3000
– Stone Axe 33/233/500
– Bone Axe 25/175/375
– Bronze Axe 20/140/300
– Steel Axe 14/100/214

More building elements including a new type of resource and completely new way to mine it should be ready in the upcoming updates!


The new workshop will be needed to craft certain gear made of bronze and steel. It’s a step forward to more realistic gameplay, makes the list of objects in „Player workshop” shorter, looks good next to furnaces and anvils and makes players do some more effort to get the best gear – simply the perfect piece of furniture:)


Stone furnace got an upgrade. A small part of its receipts is now moved to the new one. It will be also required to get that new resource that we’ve already mentioned but haven’t announcement yet.


Thanks to our players we’ve put first translations into the game. Right now you can find other languages in general options and choose which one you prefer. If you would like to help us in translations or you just saw something completely out of context please join our team and make Out of Reach better:

A few things to know about current state of translations:

– Not completed translations display percentage of translated lines
– Not translated lines return to English
– Special characters and Cyrillic alphabet return to standard font
– The reliable text version right now is English

Complete Changelog 0.9.12 with more than 30 fixes and improvements: http://steamcommunity.com/app/327090/discussions/0/517142253867738084/